Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires - Wutugu CAW created by Koei Tecmo

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Wutugu Diary Tells a New Story

Koei Tecmo published a new Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires diary page on the game’s Japanese site. It shows a brief playthrough with the custom-created King Wutugu, telling an original story in the Dynasty Warriors standalone spin-off game.

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Wutugu appeared as a fictional character in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The novel depicted him as a tall chieftain who led an army of soldiers wearing unique rattan armors. In the Dynasty Warriors series, he often appears as a generic officer under Meng Huo’s Nanman army.

Koei Tecmo has yet to officially include Wutugu into Dynasty Warriors‘ unique officer roster, which currently has 94 characters. The company instead designed him with the custom character creation feature. In the full game, players can replace any existing officers — both generic and unique — with their own created characters. The company previously showed another example at Tokyo Game Show 2021 with an older version of Zhao Yun.

The diary webpage shows how players can create their own history with the Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires‘ characters. In this playthrough, the player had Wutugu establish a new army and recruit other wild-looking characters, such as Gan Ning and Wei Yan. After swaying Meng Huo’s wife Zhurong to his side, Wutugu defeated Meng Huo and became the new ruler of Nanzhong.

Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires will launch for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Japan and East Asia on December 23, 2021. Koei Tecmo will release an English localization of the game in North America and Europe on February 15, 2022.

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