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Dynasty Warriors 9 Shows Off Informal Outfits For Zhenji, Daiochan, And Many Others



Koei Tecmo shared the latest on Dynasty Warriors 9 with a look at a bunch of new casual outfits featuring Zhenji, Daiochan, Guan Yu, and several other playable characters on the game’s official website.


Zhang Liao


Before serving Cao Cao, he fought in many battles serving Lu Bu until his defeat and death. Always calm and collected, his ability to make quick and accurate decisions on the battlefield earned him fame and glory, as well as appointment as the leader of the Five Generals of Wei. Never forgetting morality, he showed great respect to all, friend or foe alike.




A true Femme Fatale, Zhenji was known to have skin as smooth as a gem and a face as lovely as a flower. Although she had a passion for music and song, she was often difficult to approach due to her cold, distant personality and her majestic and dignified mannerism.
After Cao Cao’s subjugation of the Ji Province, his son, Cao Pi, took in Zhenji as his wife.


Zhou Tai


Originally a pirate, Zhou Tai viewed all with a critical and stern perspective. He was a composed man who could calmly assess any situation and respond accordingly. A quiet man with a large stature, he eventually came to serve Sun Ce wherein he became known for using his body as a shield to guide Sun Quan to safety during the battle of Hefei.


Sun Jian


Said to be a descendant of Sun Tzu. He was an officer who maintained a bright, calm outlook on life.
He excelled at numerous roles and was a wise leader, a valiant fighter, and a gentle father.
After distinguishing himself against pirates, he participated in suppressing the Yellow Turbans and was made Prefect of Changsha.
He served as a vanguard in the coalition against Dong Zhuo and was among the first to arrive in Luoyang.


Zhang Fei


A brother by oath to Liu Bei and Guan Yu.
A strong and fierce warrior who was always eager to fight, it is said he held off Cao Cao’s entire force with a single yell.
Yet, his impulsive behaviour and short temper was comparable to that of a child. His love for drinking often brought him a lot of trouble.


Guan Yu


Honoring an oath of brotherhood with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, he was an essential figure in the establishment of the Kingdom of Shu as the leader of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu. A heroic and skilled warrior with a strong dedication to what is right, he earned the respect of both friend and foe alike while at the same time, acquiring the nickname “Lord of the Magnificent Beard” from the Emperor.


Wen Yang


Son of the Wei officer, Wen Qin.
He had unprecedented courage and valor in battle, and his accomplishments on the battlefield were reminiscent of those of the great Zhao Yun.

Sima Zhao


As the second son of Sima Yi, he was often viewed as lacking when compared to his perfect brother, Sima Shi, due to his playful and happy-go-lucky personality. Despite this, he always remained focused on what was important during vital situations.




Raised by Wang Yun as his own daughter, Diaochan, a skilled singer and dancer, was considered one of the most beautiful women of her time.
She agreed to participate in a plan to divide Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu and managed to get close to both of them, succeeding in tearing their relationship apart.
Veiled by her beauty, she carried the same burning passion like many great war heroes.


Dynasty Warriors 9 releases in Japan on February 8, 2018 for PlayStation 4. It’ll release in North America and Europe on February 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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