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Dynasty Warriors 9 Western Release Confirmed




Koei Tecmo has confirmed Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released worldwide. The game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in Japan, while the press release for the western release says that platforms have yet to be announced. In addition to the worldwide release confirmation, information on gameplay and characters were revealed.


Dynasty Warriors 9 is the series’ first open-world entry. There will still be “one vs. thousands” actions, but they now all take place on one map with multiple regions inspired by actual Chinese areas. Landmarks and cities, like Mt. Song, the Yellow River, Hulao Gate, and Luoyang, will be present. People will be able to take on Regular Missions, which you could think of as side quests that appear in different regions and could be given by people, as well as Critical Missions that advance the story. Since this entry does take place on one large map with varying weather and night and day cycles, you will be able to use that to arrange new strategies. For example, you could attack at night, instead of during the day, or use the terrain to your advantage.




Some information on Dynasty Warriors 9 characters was also revealed. All 83 existing characters, with new costumes, will be present. The two new characters are a Wu officer named Cheng Pu and Shu officer named Zhou Cang. Character profiles were provided for four of the characters on the official website.


Cheng Pu

Cheng Pu

A long term retainer and skilled General who supported 3 generations of the Sun Family and furthered the expansion of Wu territory. A brave general who fought often on the front lines but was also a trusted advisor and tactician.



Xiahou Dun

The cousin of Cao Cao, he was a courageous warrior and a superb fighter despite losing an eye in battle. A calm and level-headed leader, he was dependable to a fault and was one of Cao Cao’s greatest assets in his bid for supremacy.



Guan Yu

Honoring an oath of brotherhood with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, he was an essential figure in the establishment of the Kingdom of Shu as the leader of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu. A heroic and skilled warrior with a strong dedication to what is right, he earned the respect of both friend and foe alike while at the same time, acquring the nickname "Lord of the Magnficent Beard" from the Emperor.



Zhao Yun

As a young warrior, he traveled the land in search for someone worthy of loyalty. Finding such qualities in Liu Bei, he ended his journey and entered Liu Bei’s service wherein he becomes one of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu. Normally a calm person, he displayed ferocity in battle that shook entire armies.


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Dynasty Warriors 9 is in development.

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