Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden Gets New Screenshots, Details Story And Key Characters

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Koei Tecmo opened an official website for their recently announced strategy RPG title, Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden, and provided us with some screenshots and details on its story, battle, and two characters.




The young warrior from Changshan named Zhao Yun, and childhood friend Lei Bin, meet a girl named Li Xia, who awakens from a shrine, as the three embark in a grand fantasy adventure in Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden.


The Tyrant Dong Zhuo, his collapse and the many warlords defending their territories, and the Battle of Red Cliffs, in the midst of all these events swirling around the era of the Three Kingdoms, the battle of a legend that transcends time is about to take place.









With allied units and enemy units taking turns of action on the battlefield, the game uses a strategy RPG’s turn-based system of overthrowing the other party while working out tactics. It also includes refreshing attack animations along with various elements that determines the victory or defeat of your units.


Players will get to use numerous Musou commanders on top of the grids to enjoy a new style of Warriors game that requires some deep strategies to take on.









  • Li Xia (on the left, CV: Minami Tsuda): She was sealed in a shrine near the village where Zhao Yun was born and raised, and gets awakened when he and his friend Lei Bin visit the shrine. We still don’t know why she was sealed or what is she exactly.


  • Lei Bin (on the right, CV: Makoto Furukawa): A friend of Zhao Yun from a long time ago. Lei Bin is a young scholar that likes to examine historical objects and old legends. He encounters Li Xia who was sealed in a shrine nearby his village and unseals her. Out of curiosity and for seeking the truth, he decides to tag along with Zhao Yun and Li Xia.


Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden will release in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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