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Each Level In Ducktales Remastered Is Like An Episode Of The TV Show



The two biggest changes in DuckTales remastered is a new lava-themed final level and a story that explains why Scrooge McDuck is scouring the world for legendary treasures.


"The Money Bin is an introduction to the story and a tutorial. It sets up why you’re trying to find these legendary treasures," producer Rey Jimenez said to Siliconera. "As you go through the Money Bin you find out the Beagle Boys took all of your money. Big Time, the leader of the Beagle Boys, you fight him. Then you find out why Scrooge is going after all these treasures, but I won’t spoil that."


"We could have gone the easy route and had the same things as the NES [version], but made it prettier," Jimenez added "As we added a lot of VO work and more Ducktales TV show presentation to it, it made sense to make each level like an episode. To make it feel like an episode of the cartoon, you need to have that explanation of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. The guys at WayForward wanted to present a whole story of why you were going to Himalayas and collecting parts."




Capcom made other changes to DuckTales Remastered after showing the game to players during focus groups. One thing they noticed is younger kids went straight for the legendary treasure instead of exploring. This inspired the addition of a map, which you get if you play DuckTales Remastered in easy or normal mode. Easy mode gives players a full map while normal mode just has a beacon with the treasure’s location. Hard mode is the original DuckTales with a few changes. In all difficulty levels, platforming was adjusted to show players the difference between pits that were deathtraps and pits players can jump down. Pits that lead to a new route are distinguished with a hanging vine or chain.


After completing DuckTales Remastered you unlock 8-bit music mode, which has all of the original music from the NES game and new chiptune tracks made for the new areas. The game also has a gallery where you can unlock concept art and music. If you finish the game on hard mode you’ll unlock extreme mode which changes how much health and how many lives you have.



Game has a galley where you can purchase music, concept art from the gallery. Unlock 8 bit music mode after completeing the game, and you get new music even for the new areas

Finish on hard unlock extreme mode, changes how much health and lives you have.

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