Honkai Impact 3rd Special New Year Program Set

Honkai Impact 3rd Special New Year Program stream

Honkai Impact 3rd players will earn in-game currency, as well as the chance to win bonuses and a Yae Sakura figure, during the 2023 Community Special New Year Program. While all viewers will get a chance to redeem 120 Crystals for joining the stream, further bonuses will be granted based on how long they continue to watch. The stream will take place on December 31, 2022 on the

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official Honkai Impact 3rd Twitch channel at 23:55 UTC+9 (06:55 PST), and it is expected to last over two hours.

All viewers will be granted 120 Crystals, but will earn further in-game items and bonuses by watching for specific durations:

  • 15 minutes: One Stamina Potion
  • 30 minutes: One Phase Shifter
  • 60 minutes: 1,500 Asterite
  • 120 minutes: Two Booster tickets

Viewers can also be added in a raffle to earn further bonuses by leaving comments during the New Years community stream. Up to 10 packs of 1,000 Crystals can be won, but the grand prize is a 1/7 Yae Sakura: Dream Rainment figure.

You can see the figure below:
Honkai Impact 3rd Special New Year Program Set

The Special New Year Program stream will include guest appearance by Honkai Impact 3rd streamers and community members. Among them are Unreal Dreamer, Shiki, Mary-X, M G, ZKodia, Edwin JK, Ball BBK, Mashiron, Mamizakee, Yorae, Ignus, Robz, Harukyuu, haixdo, IslandXD, A.E.N., and imscout.

HoYoverse released the game’s 6.2 update on December 8, 2022, which included a playable version of Ai-chan in a Hyperion Λ battlesuit, the Honkai Salvation Log, and an additional character card. Honkai Impact 3rd is available on the PC and mobile devices.

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