Earning money in WTF: Work Time Fun


D3 Publisher released Baito Hell 2000 as WTF: Work Time Fun. The game a collection of mini games with a dark sense humor. In “Bishop’s Game” you try to avoid stabbing your hand with a pick, “Counter” has you round up ghosts, and “Copycat” where you mimic the moves of burping aliens. When you start Work Time Fun there are only four games to play “Counter”, “Pendemonium”, “Baseball Superstar” and “Mushroom Xing”. The rest of the games and handy tools have to be unlocked at the trinket machines by using money earned from “working” at the games. Since all of the games aren’t created equal here are some suggestions on how to rack up dough from your underworld overlords in Work Time Fun.

Out of the first four games Pendemonium is going to earn you the most money. In Pendemonium you cap pens, by pressing the X button and move the next pen down the assembly line by pressing circle. It’s tedious to play, but you can earn a sizeable amount of money early on to unlock other games. If you make it all the way to capping a thousand pens you get an achievement on top of a paycheck around $30 depending on how many errors you make.


Chick Sorting is probably the second best way to make money early in the game. You can unlock this game by using the bronze ($1.00) trinket machine. In Chick Sorting you designate baby chicks either male or female depending if they have a pink bow on their head. Occasionally blue “heaven” chicks will appear and chicks dressed up in costume will pop up to trip you up. A game lasts a maximum of ten minutes and you can easily earn $25 in that time span.


Once you get enough money head to the silver trinket machine and hope to unlock Private Number. Private Number is a logic game where you guess the last four digits of a woman’s phone number. If you pick the right numbers you can easily earn $5.00 for a couple of minutes per play. Later on there will be other versions of Private Number to unlock that have higher payouts.


Take the money you earn from Private Number to the gold ($10.00) trinket machines where you can unlock “Pollinator”. The game is sort of like Lunar Lander except your guiding pollen. Look for flashing spaces and guide your ship with the D-pad to them to earn money. The game is short and the payout is high, many spots are worth over $1.00.


By replaying Pollinator you should be able to earn enough money to start playing with the celeb ($50.00) trinket machine and unlock everything all of the handy tools in WTF.

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