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Earth Defense Force 6 Release Date and Hololive Decoys Revealed

Earth Defense Force 6 - Hololive Ookami Mio Decoy

D3 Publisher has announced the Japanese release date for Earth Defense Force 6 at the April 2022 live stream. The game will be available in Japan on August 25, 2022. The company also revealed new content designed after three Hololive VTubers. Ookami Mio, Shirakami Fubuki, and Nakiri Ayame will appear as promotional decoys in the post-apocalyptic third-person shooter game.

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The Earth Defense Force producer Nobuyuki Okajima fulfilled his promise at Tokyo Game Show 2021 to feature Ookami Mio in the upcoming sequel. The long-time series fan was present at the event’s stream and completed a challenge that rewarded her inclusion in the game. However, Mio will not become the only Hololive VTuber to appear in Earth Defense Force 6, as Shirakami Fubuki and Nakiri Ayame will join her.

The Hololive VTubers will appear as promotional decoys intended to recruit new soldiers into the eponymous squad in the Earth Defense Force universe. The large chibi characters can dance and change facial expressions while standing on a pedestal shaped after Hololive’s logo. People who purchase early copies of the game will obtain a DLC pack containing all three decoys.

The upcoming entry into the Earth Defense Force series will occur a few years after the massive alien invasion depicted in Earth Defense Force 5. It will still have four playable characters: Ranger, Wing Diver, Fencer, and Air Raider. However, some of them will play differently from the prequel, following the Pyrrhic victory that ruined most of the squad’s infrastructure and roster.

Earth Defense Force 6 will be available for PlayStation 5 and 4 in Japan on August 25, 2022.

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