The Wing Diver Will Make Her Return In Earth Defense Force 6

Earth Defense Force 6 Wing Diver

D3 Publisher started adding game details to the Japanese official site for Earth Defense Force 6. Other than introducing more enemy types and key characters who fight with the player’s unit, the site also confirmed Ranger and Wing Diver as the first two soldier types available in the game. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Ranger was the first playable soldier introduced in EDF6. D3 previously revealed new activities that he couldn’t do in the prequel EDF5, such as jumping over obstacles and placing attack robots on trucks. The female Wing Diver will also be available in this game. Despite having less armor than the Ranger, she makes it up with mobility from her jetpack and lightweight energy weapons that do not need ammunition.

Earth Defense Force 6 will take place around Base 251, an underground facility located somewhere within a hundred kilometers from EDF5‘s Base 228. The base is headed by a former drill instructor who got promoted to a Captain because most of the higher officers had fallen in the previous war.

The site also introduced the Professor, a former chief researcher from the EDF advanced technology laboratory who tried to live in seclusion after losing his family and lab due to the war. An organization in the current EDF forcefully conscripted and assigned him to Base 251. Despite being a non-combatant with civilian clothing, he now has to wield a rifle and fight in the frontlines with the Captain and other soldiers.

D3 Publisher is currently working on Earth Defense Force 6 with a release window around the end of 2021. It has yet to announce platforms for the upcoming new game. On April 28, 2021, it published the first trailer that showed how the world has changed after the massive war in the prequel.

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