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Onechanbara Origin Is Set To Slice And Dice In Japan On December 5, 2019

By Sato . August 27, 2019 . 3:30am

Onechanbara Origin is a remake of the first two Onechanbara games, and D3 Publisher announced in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine that Japan will get the game this December for PS4.

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D3 Publisher Busts Out With A New Game Teaser Similar To Omega Labyrinth

By Sato . September 10, 2018 . 12:00am

D3 Publisher is at it again with another one of its teasers, and this one reminds us of the last two we saw for both Omega Labyrinth games prior to their announcements.

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D3 Publisher Countdown Teases A New Nintendo Switch Project With Daily Hints

By Sato . June 11, 2018 . 1:30am

D3 Publisher launched a countdown site for an upcoming Nintendo Switch game, and they’re giving out daily hints for the next four days until the title is officially revealed.

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D3 Publisher’s New Countdown Teaser To Be Revealed On September 19

By Sato . September 12, 2017 . 1:30am

D3 Publisher launched a new countdown teaser site to reveal a new title in about seven days from now, or September 19, which is also the day of Sony’s 2017 PlayStation Press Conference.

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D3 Publisher Has A Couple Earth Defense Force Games, Bullet Girls Phantasia, More For TGS 2017

By Sato . September 7, 2017 . 4:00am

D3 Publisher shared its list of games they have lined up for this month’s major gaming expo, Tokyo Game Show 2017. It includes two Earth Defense Force Titles and the newly announced Bullet Girls Phantasia.

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D3 Publisher Teases A PS4 And PS Vita Fantasy Game With An Orc-Dating Sim

By Sato . September 1, 2017 . 1:00am

D3 Publisher is all about the teasers, and the latest one comes from a new teaser site that has an orc-dating sim and a countdown for the reveal of a new PS4 and PS Vita fantasy game.

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D3 Publisher’s Teaser Got “Touched” Too Much So It Got Some Changes And New Hints

By Sato . February 27, 2017 . 3:00am

D3 Publisher had a teaser that said “do not touch” but since that didn’t work out, they had to make a few changes to the site with some additional teasers that were added.

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D3 Publisher Teaser Says “Do Not Touch” Or Else Reveal Gets Later By A Second Each Time

By Sato . February 20, 2017 . 2:30am

Omega Labyrinth had a teaser that required users to “touch” breasts to speed up the reveal, but this time, D3 Publisher has a new teaser that says “do not touch” or else its reveal will get delayed.

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Square Enix, Atlus, Marvelous, Koei Tecmo, Sega, And More On 2017 Ambitions And Teasers

By Sato . January 10, 2017 . 7:00am

Famitsu and Dengeki both had big features this week on 2017 ambitions from 110+69 developers. Here are some key highlights of ambitions and teasers from various game makers from across Japan.

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Here’s A Huge List Of Teasers Heading Into 2017 From Japanese Developers

By Sato . December 27, 2016 . 11:15am

From Nippon Ichi Software CEO’s Nintendo Switch teaser to nonsense about Cape Town fishing boats from our beloved Yoko Taro, here’s a huge list of 2017 teasers from 4Gamer’s year-end talk with developers.

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D3 Publisher’s New Teaser Looks Like It Could Be Earth Defense Force 5

By Sato . September 6, 2016 . 1:00am

D3 Publisher opened a new countdown teaser site with a countdown that ends in a little over 7 days, just on time for Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia’s press conference.

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D3 Publisher’s TGS 2016 Lineup Has Idol Death Game TV, Two Unannounced Titles, And More

By Sato . September 1, 2016 . 12:00am

D3 Publisher opened their website for Tokyo Game Show 2016 and revealed what they have in store for the big event later this month. They also have two unannounced titles.

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D3 Publisher’s Countdown Teasers Are Getting Stranger By The Day

By Sato . December 14, 2015 . 1:45am

“November Xth, I gave grandpa a massage with the vibrating thing. It looked like he was feeling great.”

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D3 Publisher’s Latest Teaser Looks Innocent But Is Actually A Bit Naughty

By Sato . December 11, 2015 . 3:30am

D3 Publisher recently began a countdown website for a new game that will be revealed on December 15th. The teaser shows innocent-looking drawings, but the message seems to say a little more about it.

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D3 Publisher Teases A New Game With A Countdown Site With Children’s Drawings

By Sato . December 10, 2015 . 1:30am

D3 Publisher recently opened a countdown website for a new game, and it’s going with children’s drawings which will update on a daily basis until the end of the countdown on December 15.