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Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain’s TGS 2017 Footage Gives Us A Look At New Moves And A Female Trooper



D3 Publisher recently revealed Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, a new entry in the series developed by Yukes instead of the usual Sandlot. Here’s a look at new gameplay footage from TGS 2017.


While the game is still the usual Earth Defense Force, where you’re up against giant insects and aliens, Yukes is aiming to move away from the traditional EDF approach with some new elements.


The footage from TGS 2017 shows us some of its new features, such as the ability to choose genders for your unit, so as D3 Publisher put it: you can pick a non-flying female character who fights on the ground. We also get to see some dashing maneuvers that will come in handy when in a pinch.


Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain releases in 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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