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Earthbound Evil Mani Mani Statue Pre-Orders Open

Earthbound Evil Mani Mani Statue

Fans of Earthbound will have a chance to induct their shelf into Happy Happyism soon. On March 8, 2023, pre-orders will open for a “life-size” replica of the Earthbound Evil Mani Mani statue in Japan. Mother series creator Shigesato Itoi’s Hobonichi Mother Project created the item, based on a one-off replica used for events. According to the press release, Itoi received an “overwhelming” amount of interest from fans who wanted their own copy. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

Like the original, the Earthbound Evil Mani Mani statue is based on the item (and enemy) from Earthbound (a.k.a. Mother 2). It’s also known as the “Mani Mani Demon”, and is a shiny, golden statue. It stands about 30 cm tall (about 1 foot), and is described as having a “heavy, comfortable weight.” The statue depicts a horned figure (the Evil Mani Mani) standing straight and holding a sword in its hands. The bottom of the statue’s base has the Mother logo engraved on it. A special sticker with the character “封” (for “Seal”) is included with every purchase, in case one is concerned that the statue’s ominous appearance may actually be unlucky.

Each statue will cost 9,999 Yen (about $74 USD). The pre-order period will last from March 8-29, 2023. Delivery is expected around late May 2023 in Japan, though overseas shipping is available from the official site. To promote the Earthbound Mani Mani statue, the Hobonichi Mother Project is also publishing a series of interviews with Itoi about the game, and the character.

In the game itself, the Evil Mani Mani is a mystical object said to spread the influence of Giygas and bring out human beings’ evil tendencies. It was used to control the minds of the Happy Happyism cult.

Earthbound can be played on the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Switch Online SNES game library.

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