Echoes of Mana Pre-Registration Available

Echoes of Mana Pre-Registration mobile iOS Android Square Enix

Square Enix has opened pre-registration for Echoes of Mana. Users can pre-register on Android and iOS devices. Additional pre-registration methods include through Twitter, Facebook, and email. Square Enix will distribute a total of five rewards if pre-registration goals are met. However, while users are able to pre-register for Echoes of Mana, an exact date of release has yet to be revealed. That said, Square Enix mentions on the Echoes of Mana website that users will be notified via their device once the game is available to play.

Pre-registration rewards for Echoes of Mana will include the following:

  • 50,000 Users – Spirit Crystal x800
  • 100,000 Users – Spirit Crystal x900
  • 150,000 Users – 3 Star Primm (Boomerang) x1
  • 200,000 Users – Spirit Crystal x1,000
  • 300,000 Users – 4 Star Memory Gem Illustrated by HACCAN x1

Announced in June 2021, Echoes of Mana will be a free-to-play mobile game. However, it will contain in-app purchases. The game will feature Japanese audio. It will include language support for English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Square Enix has also released a pre-registration trailer, which showcases how combat will function. Players will be able to bring a handful of characters into combat and use skills to take on challenging foes.

You can watch the pre-registration trailer below.

Echoes of Mana will release for Android and iOS devices in 2022. Pre-registration is open now.

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