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Ed Is Street Fighter V’s Next Playable Character




A supporting character from Street Fighter IV is making his playable debut in Street Fighter V. Capcom will bring Ed to the game as Season 2’s third cast member.


Ed is a boxer raised by Balrog. Even though he was a child in Street Fighter IV, the Shadaloo S.I.N. division experiments have caused him to age quickly so he could become a replacement M. Bison body as quickly as possible. It is that very nature that brings him into Street Fighter V. He’s haunted by M. Bison’s ghost and attempting to keep his body his own. He will receive a training-inspired Story costume and M. Bison-inspired Premium costume.


The Ed introduction comes with a reveal trailer and information on some of his special moves. All of them, save his Critical Art, are unleashed with simple button presses that involve pressing one in succession, holding down a specific button, or pressing certain buttons at once. His V-Skill is Psycho Snatcher, which allows him to pull enemies to him or himself to an opponent using charged Psycho Power. Psycho Cannon, his V-Trigger, unleashes a Psycho Power projectile he can follow along the stage. Finally, the Psycho Barrage Critical Art, the only move with a more traditional input method, has Ed using tons of Psycho-punches and an uppercut against his enemy.


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Street Fighter V is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC. A release date has yet to be announced for Ed. However, he and all other DLC characters will be playable during the May 11-14, 2017 Capcom Fighters Network Beta 2.

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