Edna and Kongwai Will Be Added to Tales of Crestoria Premium Summons Banner

Edna Kongwai Tales of Crestoria

Edna and Kongwai will be the latest Tales of characters to be added to the Tales of Crestoria Premium Summons banner. Players will be able to acquire them through the banner starting on October 15, 2020. Edna and Kongwai will be available to obtain at a higher rate until October 30, 2020.

Similar to other characters added to the Premium Summons banner, neither of these people will be disappearing from the roster of obtainable party members once this time period ends. Instead, they will remain part of the pool of potential characters you can acquire through any character-specific banner.

Edna arrives in Tales of Crestoria as a Earth element artes-type character. Her Memoria Stone will add +24 to the OL gauge. She also comes with the Healing Circle artes. This skill restores 20% HP to all allies. Her skill, Tongue Lashing, grants +10% attack to all allies at 20 hits and +10% attack to Earth allies.

Like Edna, Kongwai is another character that will be filling the role of a supporter in Tales of Crestoria. Kongwai’s Memoria Stone will grant +60% damage to artes-type allies’ Mystic Artes. And all of Kongwai’s skills provide some kind of offensive buff. Dancing Edge has a 100% chance to increase the attack of himself by 10% for two turns, and Blast Streak ha a 100% chance to increase the attack of allies by 10% for two turns. His Mystic Artes ability has a 100% chance to increase his own attack by 20% for three turns.

The stats above reflect the character and Memoria Stone being at maximum Awakening, Ascension, Adornment, and level.

Tales of Crestoria still has the 2 Million Download Campaign underway. Players can use 2,500 gleamstones to roll on a guaranteed SSR banner for a limited time.

Tales of Crestoria is immediately available for iOS and Android devices.

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