Elden Ring Manga Is Even More Enjoyable Ahead of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC
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Elden Ring Manga Is Even More Enjoyable Ahead of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

The Elden Ring manga is always a breath of fresh air, what with it being a gag series following an original Tarnished “hero” and offering new interpretations of familiar fights and moments. However, now that the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is about to debut in June 2024, it somehow feels even more appropriate. After finishing a reread of the first two volumes and the third, it feels like this great way to remember the joy and novelty of the FromSoft game.

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For those new to the Elden Ring manga, it follows a Tarnished named Aseo. He’s… not smart. Literally, his intelligence stat is abysmal and his starting origin is Wretch. Up until the third volume, he doesn’t really have any armor of note, so he’s running around in the loincloth until Ranni attempts to bribe him with armor to become one of her agents. Except because of his stats, wearing the full suit nearly kills him due to the equip load. (He ends up with only a pair of pants out of the deal.) The result ends up ranging from silly enough to make you smile to flat out hilarious, due to the adaptation and the fact Nikiichi Tobita’s art is so dramatic, lavish, and serious. 

Now, part of the reason this all ends up being such a great lead-in to the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is for nostalgia purposes. This is because while it involves an original story, it is also following the same plot beats as someone going through the game. He starts by meeting Melina and Blaidd. The new takes on the adaptation means playing with expectations for characters and making them more humorous or exaggerated, but it is also still close enough that it’s reminding a reader of the good times. When Aseo goes up against Godrick the Grafted with Nepheli Loux, the situation doesn’t go exactly as we remember, but it’s still great.

Which leads into another reason the Elden Ring manga is so much fun ahead of FromSoftware’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. It isn’t always sticking exactly to the script. But when it does venture off, it’s doing so in such a loving way. You can see the appreciation for the original story. But when arts and crafts are a part of what beats Godrick the Grafted, it’s really the goofiest thing. It’s such a novel take on it. And these kinds of things keep happening, which helps compel a reader onward. It won’t be exactly like we remember, and I know it made me want to read more.

Honestly, it also ends up being an oddly fun refresher. Certainly, the three volumes of the Elden Ring manga available now are a faster read through than a fresh playthrough of the game. But it also makes you think back to your own memories of certain moments. Like in volume three it begins with Aseo heading to Liurnia of the Lakes. He’s picking up sorcery for the first time. If it’s been a while, the refresher that comes from encountering certain characters like Thops can remind you of what it was like to learn initial sorceries. Not to mention, it’s great to see him so persistent about getting Runes for his troubles and the comparison between Aseo’s abilities and his here.

I know that people are going to say the upcoming Shadow of Erdtree DLC is going to be a reason to play the base Elden Ring game now, but I’d say it is also the perfect time to pick up the manga. It’s a fantastic and fun read. While the subject matter of the FromSoftware title is dark and gritty, this adaptation blends elements of that in with some really exceptional uses of humor. It’s a great read for many reasons, and I feel like now that three volumes are available it really gives people a chance to dig into it.

Volume 3 of the Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree manga is available now, and Yen Press will release volume 4 on October 15, 2024. Elden Ring is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, and the Shadow of Erdtree DLC appears on June 21, 2024. 

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