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Elliot Quest’s Success On Wii U Secures It 3DS, Xbox, And PlayStation Versions


Ansimuz Games, the one-man studio behind Elliot Quest, boldly described the game as a spiritual successor to Zelda II before. And while that may be stretching, it seems that the game has certainly found its audience on Wii U, with it having sold far better on Nintendo’s console than it has on Steam for PC.


According to the studio that ported it Wii U, PlayEveryWare, “Elliot Quest’s Miiverse community is so amazingly positive and supportive of one another! They already help each other get through challenging areas while cautious of spoilers, and sharing screenshots of all the really fun and surprising Easter eggs that they find on their adventures.”


This is why the game is getting a free update on July 30th that will add a Miiverse Journal that allows players to share and leave notes on their adventure. The update will also bring over 20 unlockable Miiverse Stamps that can be unlocked by defeating bosses, discovering secrets, and exploring new locations in each of the game’s multiple endings.


Not only that, but due to the game’s success on Wii U, PlayEveryWare has decided to port Elliot Quest to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo 3DS in 2016.

Chris Priestman