Elsword’s Luciel Gets Demonic 3rd Job Path Update



Kog Games added Luciel to the Elsword character lineup earlier this year, and now players can utilize the demonic power of Lu’s Diabla and Ciel’s Demonio with the 3rd Job Path Update. The following trailer shows Luciel in action.



Luciel is a dual character consisting of the short-range brawler demon princess Lu and her eternal companion Ciel, who delivers mid-to-long range attacks. The story of how Luciel came to be, along with notes on the power of Diabla and Demonio, has been detailed by the publisher as follows:


Lu, a demon princess bound and shackled, left to rot in her own kingdom by powerful usurpers hell-bent on taking the throne. Ciel, a street-level hitman with a gentle heart, finds an exhausted Lu, nurses her to health and pays for his kindness with his life… The mutinous usurpers spare no expense to destroy Lu and all she cares for. When all hope was thought lost, Lu and Ciel become one. What’s left of Lu’s infernal godlike power, stoked by Ciel’s ultimate sacrifice, bind the two eternally. Luciel, with unbridled rage and determination will stop at nothing to rend the seditious demon throng to its core.


Lu – Diabla: Ever since coming to Elrios, the onslaught of Demon Assassins seeking their lives was relentless. Beset on all sides by a surprise attack, without thinking, Lu thrusts herself into the path of an oncoming spear, meant for Ciel. As the spear impales Lu, her whole body convulses while being engulfed in a violent burst of overwhelmingly powerful demonic energy. Lu does not fall… she’s all too familiar with this… power.  It is, was and always will be hers; the power she’d lost has been restored. She’s healed instantly while a massive, concussive explosion emanates from within, sending all attackers sprawling. With a single gesture, the Demon Assassins were obliterated.



Ciel – Demonio: With Lu’s powers being restored, the eternal bond between her and Ciel was changed. What initially felt like improved combat skill turned for the worse; the demonic power that now surges throughout his originally mortal form proved too powerful for his fragile body to handle. The power slowly consumed Ciel, transforming him into a full-fledged demon. Horns jutted from his skull and his hair turned shock white. A power unlike anything he could imagine took hold of what humanity and emotion he had left. In his mortal form, Ciel was a confidant and voice of reason for Lu. Now unchecked, the infernal will of unbridled demonic majesty will rain hell upon any who’ve slighted Luciel.