English Translation Available For Nocturne: Rebirth, A Dark JRPG About Cruel Vampires



    Luna doesn’t realize that the man who saved her from bandits, Reviel, is a vampire who intends to kill her and her entire village in Nocturne: Rebirth, a dark JRPG that has recently released on with an English fan translation.




    Nocturne: Rebirth will follow the pair across a 10-20 hour adventure, one that features a complex ATB battle system, recruitable monsters for party members, and a deep levelling system.


    The game was originally created in RPG Maker 2000 back in 2002 by Japanese developer Cogwheel/Shou. This version is a remake by the same developer released in 2009, created in RPG Maker XP. It features almost entirely custom graphics and its own unique soundtrack.




    Nocturne: Rebirth can be downloaded for free from and the RPG Maker forums.

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