Enix-Published SNES JRPG Dark Half Finally Gets An English Patch



The translation group AGTP has released an English language patch for the SNES JRPG Dark Half (thanks NintendoLife).


Dark Half was developed by Westone, who you’ll probably know for its Wonder Boy series, and published by Enix in Japan back in 1996. It was never brought across to the west.


dark half

What’s interesting about Dark Half is that you play as both the hero and the villain of the story during the final days of the game’s world.  Playing as the devil Rukyumarch through villages slaughtering all the innocents you can. While playing as the paladin Falco sees you trying to save peoples’ souls.


As Ruyku, you’re able to trap monsters to level up his magic and acquire minions to hide behind in the grid-based combat. While Falco has a more traditional RPG leveling system, including crafting his equipment, and acquiring magic as consumables.

Chris Priestman