Eroge AngelRing Includes Ingenious Twitter Functionality



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Word of mouth is possibly the best kind of marketing for any kind of consumer product in existence. Unfortunately, not enough developers and publishers seem to try and tune their games in specific ways to encourage positive word of mouth or spur discussion amongst their audience.


In this regard, eroge developer, MOONSTONE, appear to be a rather forward-thinking company. One of their current titles, AngelRing, includes a set of ingenious Twitter functions designed specifically to allow the game’s fanbase to hold discussions and compare their experiences with the title online.


One such function automates the process of tweeting about the current scene of the game by copying and pasting text. Another allows you to play back the voiced dialogue from a particular scene that someone else tweeted about. A third allows you to play the actual scene that someone else tweeted about.


But MOONSTONE aren’t stopping there. The development team is planning to take their Twitter functionality a step further and include a way for you to read tweets by other people about the scene you’re currently at. Also planned is the ability to tweet pictures from a particular scene with ease (provided their server can handle it).

Ishaan Sahdev
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