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Etrian Odyssey X Highlights The Landsknecht, Nightseeker, Arcanist, And Imperial Classes From EO4


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Atlus has released several trailers focusing on the various returning job classes from previous Etrian Odyssey games, and this time the focus is on four classes that hail from Tharsis – the Landsknecht, the Nightseeker, the Arcanist, and the Imperial classes.



First is the Landsknecht (Swordsman in Japanese), a recurring class that has appeared in several other games besides Etrian Odyssey IV. They are frontline fighters that can use swords or rapiers, and offer well-balanced stats that make them reliable in various situations, such as when using their various Link skills that can set up combos with allies.


Next is the Nightseeker, deadly assassins that excel at inflicting status ailments. They possess skills like “Shadow Cloak”, which nullifies a physical attack in the next three turns, which make up for their frail HP and Vitality. They can then use skills like Assassinate, which has a chance of defeating the enemy instantly.


Arcanists are another debuffing-based class who use powerful magic circles to hurt enemies or heal allies. They can use skills like “Poison Circle” to inflict Poison status, then use “Dismiss Blow” or “Dismiss Heal” for pure damage, or supportive healing respectively.


Finally, Imperials are frontline fighters who specialize in the ways of the Drive Blade. The whole class is focused around dealing as much damage in a single attack, such as with skills like “Assault Drive”, but have long cooldowns as a drawback. This means that they are more suited to single-target boss battles.


Etrian Odyssey X releases in Japan on August 2, 2018 for Nintendo 3DS. You can check out some more class highlights with the new Hero class here; the Protector, Ronin, Medic, and Survivalist here; the Highlander, Gunner, and War Magus here; the Sovereign, Shogun, Zodiac, Ninja, and Farmer here.

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