Shin Ultraman Release Date

Evangelion Creator’s Shin Ultraman Opens in May 2022

Shin Ultraman, the latest in Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno’s sequence of reboots of classic tokusatsu properties, has a date. The Shin Ultraman release date in Japan is set for May 13, 2022. It’s a delay from the previously set release window of summer 2021.

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The new release date was accompanied by a new Shin Ultraman teaser trailer.

Like the recent Shin Kamen Rider teasers, the trailer was released in a pair. The second trailer, embedded above appears to be a revision of a scene from last year’s trailer. In the previous trailer, the first shot of Ultraman (rendered in CGI) shows him rising in clear daylight, with an orbiting camera angle. The newer teaser shows the same scene, but adds wreckage and dust clouds, as if to make the area appear devastated by Ultraman’s arrival. Ultraman then crosses his arms in the classic Ultra Beam posture, emitting a ray of energy from the side of his hand.

Check out the reissue of the previous Shin Ultraman teaser, which shows off the Science Patrol, as well as the movie’s takes on monsters like Neronga and Gabora.

Upon its release date Shin Ultraman will star Takumi Saito, Masami Nagasawa, Koji Yamamoto, Akari Hayami, Hidetoshi Nishijima, and Toshihiro Wada. It is being directed by Shinji Higuchi (who co-directed Shin Godzilla alongside Hideaki Anno). Anno is in charge of planning and scripts.

Shin Ultraman will premiere in Japan on May 13, 2022. International release plans are as yet unannounced.

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