First Preview Trailer for Shin Kamen Rider Revealed

Shin Kamen Rider preview trailer

It will be a while yet before audiences get a chance to see Shin Kamen Rider. The planned “reboot” movie, based on the original Kamen Rider series and directed by Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno, is still scheduled to open in early 2023. However, Shin Kamen Rider‘s newest preview trailer released during a September 30, 2021 press event promoting the production. The event also showed the world the first look at the movie’s stars in their costumes.

The Shin Kamen Rider event actually debuted two trailers, each very similar to the other but cut differently.

The Shin Kamen Rider “A” trailer is an almost shot-for-shot remake of the original 1971 Kamen Rider intro. Only, it shows the new costume and what looks to be two new versions of the Cyclone, Kamen Rider’s customized motorcycle. The “B” trailer, meanwhile, uses a few more dynamic angles, and seems to include different sound effects for the motorcycle. Both trailers replace the narration at the end with shots of what looks to be the villain. The villain also appears to be new, without a close resemblance to any particular monster or baddie from the original series.

The event also provided at look at two actors from the film: Sosuke Ikematsu and Minami Hamabe. Ikematsu played Ryuzaki in the 2016 Japanese live-action Death Note sequel, while Hamabe appeared in live-action adaptations of Ace Attorney, Saki, and Kakegurui.

In Shin Kamen Rider, Ikematsu will play Takeshi Hongo, the brilliant young man abducted by the secret organization Shocker. Takeshi was then modified into a powerful cyborg, Kamen Rider No. 1. Hamabe plays Ruriko Midorikawa, daughter of Dr. Midorikawa, a scientist who helped Takeshi escape Shocker’s clutches before they could brainwash him into becoming their super-soldier. Hiroshi Fujioka and Chieko Morikawa played the original Takeshi and Ruriko.

While Ruriko’s bright red coat is a departure from her original look, Takeshi’s design as Kamen Rider No. 1 is very close to the original, with some modern touches. The chest plates seem more rigid, detailed to suggest metal or plastic armor. The Transformation Belt Typhoon also looks altered, with new parts and individual blades for the fan in its buckle.

Shin Kamen Rider debuts in Japan in March of 2023. Hideaki Anno is also working on Shin Ultraman, due in 2022.

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