Evangelion Summoners War: Chronicles Crossover Begins
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Evangelion Summoners War: Chronicles Crossover Event Begins

The Evangelion Summoners War: Chronicles crossover event is now live, giving people a chance to summon versions of Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Mari in their school uniforms and plugsuits. There will also be a “A.D. FIELD!” quest, Shinji-Obot Port and Rei-Mirror Lake dungeons, and a Ready for Battle! Stop the Angel Invasion! event.

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Some of the events and activities don’t necessarily start alongside the collaboration’s beginning. The Ready for Battle! Stop the Angel Invasion! one that involves defeating Angels with Evas using Energy Coins is available immediately, with Energy Coins able to be collected via missions. Asuka’s Energy Gift is already ongoing, doling out 100 Energy and 10 Quick Battle Permits per day until someone collects the bonus for seven days. However, the announcement revealed that the two locked dungeons that are part of the Shinji-Obot Port and Rei-Mirror Lake ones and tied to Asuka and Mari won’t open until July 18, 2024. The five-star Water Shinji unit will be a collab dungeon reward.

As for the Evangelion Summoners War: Chronicles summon banner crossover units, there are some that are available now, and others that appear on July 18, 2024. All of them are five-star “monsters.” You can pull to try and get the Water Shinji, Wind Rei, Dark Shinji, and Light Rei immediately. The Water/Dark Shinji both feature Lance of Longinus Skills, to connect to the series, and a Synchronization Skill. Meanwhile, the Wind Rei has Heat Resistant Light Wave Shield and Unit 0 Pilot skills, while Light Rei has abilities like A.T. Field Deployment and Even If I Die, I Can Be Replaced. The Fire Asuka, Fire Mari, Dark Asuka, and Light Mari art is available ahead of their banners’ July 18, 2024 debut, but their skills are not.

Here are how all the Evangelion characters will look in-game.

A developer video also showed some of the units in-battle and their skills.

Another teaser acted as a reveal for the event:

Summoners War: Chronicles is available on PCs and mobile devices. Evangelion is streaming on Netflix, and the Rebuild of Evangelion movies are on Amazon. The Summoners War: Chronicles Evangelion crossover event runs July 11, 2024, and it ends on August 10, 2024.

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