Evangelion Tamagotchi Evatchis Will Arrive in June 2021

evangelion tamagotchi evatchi

Amazon has some pre-orders online for the three Neon Genesis Evangelion Tamagotchi Evatchi models. According to the product pages for all three, people can call dibs on one of these Japanese models for $24.99 each. The current release date offered on all three product pages is June 1, 2021. This means it would be available outside Japan about one year after its Japanese debut in June 2020. [Thanks, Nintendeal!]

Amazon has pages for all three variants online. The Shinji version has a purple, green, and black color scheme that matches Unit-01. The Asuka variant is red, orange, and black to match Unit-02. As you might imagine, the third Rei model is based on the Unit-00’ prototype and is white, light blue, blue, and red.

In each case, they’re described as being the Japanese type. However, given the nature of Tamagotchi Nano, people don’t need to worry about language. (There’s typically no text to worry about.) Each one has S2Engines and Watermelons as “food,” the two Battle Training and Target Switch games, and a need to keep it satisfied to prevent A.T. Fields from being activated.

This means that two of the themed Tamagotchis previously available in Japan will appear worldwide. Back in July 2020, Bandai confirmed people would see the Demon Slayer models in other regions. A North American debut is only guaranteed for the original three models, and not the Inosuke, Zenitsu, or Hashira variants.

The Amazon product listings say the Asuka, Rei, and Shinji-themed Evangelion Tamagotchi Evatchis will be available on June 1, 2021.

Jenni Lada
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