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Evangelion Themed Louisiana Crawfish Figures Are Coming This October

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Fujimi Mokei is releasing Louisiana Crawfish figures colored after Evangelion Units 01 and 02 as part of their “independent science project” series. Specifically, the crawfish will be modeled after the recent theatrical release of Evangelion. Both figures will cost ¥5,280 (about $47) and will ship on October 25, 2021.

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Both crawfish figures will come pre-painted and include stickers to resemble their Evangelion unit counterparts. Additionally, the figures will feature ball-jointed arms that allow varied poses, as well as moveable pincers that can pinch objects and hold them in place. The torso and tail portions of the crawfish are also poseable and replicate the movement and joints of real-life crawfish.

The Unit-01 version will include light green and purple parts with yellow polished eyes. Similarly, the Unit-02 version will include orange and red parts with light green polished eyes. You can get a better look at each figure below:

This isn’t the first in weird Evangelion collaborations, of course. Previously, Studio khara also partnered with companies to release an Eva-themed USB hub as well as a life-sized Rei Ayanami figurine selling for a hefty $18,000. The company even has an officially licensed Mecha Godzilla resembling Unit-01.

Fujimi Mokei will launch the Evangelion crawfish figure in Japan on October 25, 2021. Buyers will have to pre-order the figure via the company’s Amazon page, though the figures are not yet listed. Both figures will cost ¥5,280 (about $47).

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