Evangelion Godzilla Unit-01 Is A Powerful Giant Monster

Evangelion Godzilla Unit-01

Kaiju and giant mecha: Two great tastes that just go together. And now Eva Global is aiming to make that taste a bit more specific by combining a specific kaiju—Godzilla—and a specific giant mecha—the Evangelion. The result is the Evangelion Godzilla Unit-01, a special model kit that debuted at the Wonder Festival 2021 [Winter] online event [Thanks, AmiAmi.]

As might be implied by the name, the Evangelion Godzilla Unit-01—formally named “Evangelion v. Godzilla Type-3 Dragon Machine, Eva Unit-01 Color Ver.”—is a blending of the two iconic giants. The results resemble Mecha-Godzilla sporting the Eva Unit-01’s distinctive purple, black, and green color scheme.

The Evangelion Godzilla Unit-01 model stands 240mm tall (about 9.5″) and was designed by plastic model outfit Aoshima. Like many other plastic models, it requires assembly from the parts attached to various molded runner frames.

Check out some footage recorded of the model by Twitter user @Amicoamiami:

The Evangelion Godzilla Unit-01 model will go on sale in Japan within the spring of 2021, and will cost about 12,500 JPY (about $120 USD). Fans interested in a more affordable bit of Evangelion modeling goodness can check out the Shinji Desktop Army figurine. Meanwhile, Godzilla fans can battle it out on the field of honor in Fall Guys while dressed as the killer kaiju.

Josh Tolentino
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