Shinji and Evangelion Unit-01 Will Join the Desktop Army

Shinji Ikari Evangelion Unit-01 Desktop Army

We have previously seen Evangelion‘s Asuka, Rei, and Mari turned into Desktop Army action figures. Those released in October 2020. Megahouse newly revealed that series protagonist Shinji Ikari and his Evangelion Unit-01 will also join the Desktop Army roster. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

This Desktop Army figure set comes with the mech and its pilot, both of them with chibi proportions. The figures are scaled in such a way that also lets the pilot wield the mech’s weapons or attach themselves to the mech. The mech head can also be removed to make it look more like an exoskeleton.

While Asuka and Mari’s Desktop Army sets are currently unavailable, the figure set for Rei Ayanami and her upgraded Evangelion Unit-00 is still available to order until early March 2021. Those who purchase both Rei and Shinji’s sets will be able to combine their parts and reproduce the well-known scenes from “Operation Yashima.”

Pre-orders of the Shinji and Evangelion Unit-01 Desktop Army figure set will be available from February 5, 2021, to March 2021. The finished product is expected to be delivered in late July 2021. Other than Megahouse’s very own Megatrea Shop, the set can also be ordered from several select stores, including Premium Bandai, Kotobukiya, Evangelion Store, and AmiAmi.

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