Evercade Renovation Collection 1 Has Valis, Exile, and Arcus Odyssey

Evercade Renovation Collection 1 Exile

Another Evercade cartridge is on the way. This time, it will include some Japanese games that might be appearing in some regions for the first time. Telenet Japan and Renovation games will head to the Evercade in Renovation Collection 1. It will appear in North America and Europe in early 2021. Action games, shoot’em ups, and an RPG will be among the titles in the collection.

There will be 12 games total on the new cartridge. As pointed out by the company, none of them ever appeared in Europe before. Here’s the full list of titles.

  • Arcus Odyssey
  • Beast Wrestler
  • Dino Land
  • El Viento
  • Exile
  • Final Zone
  • Galares
  • Granada
  • Sol-Daece
  • Traysia
  • Valis: The Fantasm Soldier
  • Valis 3

There is also a new trailer from the company offering a look at how these Telenet Japan and Renovation games will look on the Evercade in Renovation Collection 1. There’s about 20 seconds of footage dedicated to each game, so people have an idea of how they will work and look. Each one’s segment also includes its original release date, to offer some additional context.

The Evercade Renovation Collection 1 pre-orders will open in November 2021, with the cartridge launching in early 2022. The tEvercade VS system will debut on November 3, 2021.

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