Straight from Sentinal Gundam, Ex-S Gundam found its way into Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost. First print copies include a code that adds the gigantic Gundam to the game. Ex-S Gundam has a beam saber, and beam smartgun as its main weapon.


gundamex-fullb-06 gundamex-fullb-07 gundamex-fullb-14 gundamex-fullb-13 gundamex-fullb-12 gundamex-fullb-11 gundamex-fullb-10 gundamex-fullb-09 gundamex-fullb-08 gundamex-fullb-04 gundamex-fullb-05


Capule & Corin Capule from Turn A Gundam are also in the game.


gundamex-fullb-26 gundamex-fullb-27 gundamex-fullb-28 gundamex-fullb-34 gundamex-fullb-33 gundamex-fullb-32 gundamex-fullb-31 gundamex-fullb-30 gundamex-fullb-29


New for the PlayStation 3 version are 120 Full Boost missions. Players can earn new skills and miniature Gundam figurines from completing these. Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost comes out on January 30, 2014 in Japan.

gundamex-fullb-15 gundamex-fullb-25 gundamex-fullb-24 gundamex-fullb-23 gundamex-fullb-22 gundamex-fullb-21 gundamex-fullb-20 gundamex-fullb-19 gundamex-fullb-18 gundamex-fullb-17 gundamex-fullb-16

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