Exe-Create’s Next RPG Is Being Localized And Released Overseas


Japanese developer, Exe-Create, are working on a new role-playing game titled The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragon’s Odyssey for the PC. This game is being localized and released over digital distribution services like Steam and Gamers Gate this August.


Similar to the Ys series, Lost Angelic Chronicles tries to create a hybrid of action and RPG styles, emphasizing moving quickly from place to place while dealing with a large number of enemies. You can also find treasure and attempt to get girls to fall in love with the protagonist.


Exe-Create say the difference between Lost Angelic Chronicles and Ys is that this game focuses more on story and interaction with other characters. These interactions can trigger new scenes and multiple endings. You also get the see the world change as you play; for example, the forest in which you build your house grows into a proper town during the during the course of the game.


Exe-Create say they plan to bring more of their games over to English-speaking audiences in the future as well.



Food for thought:

Exe-Create also publish games on iTunes. We’ve covered one of their games before.

Ishaan Sahdev
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