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F.I.S.T. Is A Metroidvania About A Rabbit With A Giant Mech Arm


fist 1


During the China Hero Project showcase today, new game F.I.S.T. (working title) by TiGames, which is part of the second batch of games created under the project, was shown off.


The game is a Metroidvania-genre game featuring a rabbit with a fist to grind. Players will need to battle through the world using the rabbit’s giant mech arm attached to its back armor. Here’s the full description according to PlayStation Blog:


The developers at TiGames are a group of console game fans, after working in gaming industry for a few years, they want to make something from their hearts–a console game they themselves and other players will all love to play. With that in mind, Tao Zhang, the founder of TiGames, called upon his friends to join him to establish TiGames in 2016, their first game Ancient Amuletor VR was successfully released in 2017 on PlayStation 4.



F.I.S.T. (working title) is the second game from TiGames, it is a metroidvania game that the player will play as a rabbit who can manipulate the big mech-arm on his back, exploring in a vivid diesel punk world and fighting against the evil robot army. There will be a vast world map for the player to explore to meet with friend NPCs and encounter enemies, discover items and weapons and seek for the answers for the secrets hidden behind.



Metroidvania is a very popular genre in recent years, you can find great games of this genre on all console platforms, the competition is indeed very tough for any developers. However, TiGames still wants to give it a shot because they want their F.I.S.T. to be considered as one of these great metroidvania games in the future as well, with the top quality that player will all enjoy playing on PlayStation.



Here are some more screenshots below:

fist 2

fist 3

fist 4

fist 5


Check out the reveal trailer below:


F.I.S.T. is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

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