Facebook Files: What Localization Announcements Would You Like From TGS 2010?

0 With the Tokyo Game Show coming up, it won’t be long until a bunch of us start to feel the pre-show excitement that usually accompanies the build-up to these events.

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Typically, localization announcements aren’t made at TGS, but David suggested the thought in a Facebook thread and it occurred to me that this would make a whole lot of sense for more niche games, since TGS tends to be the event of choice to follow for people interested in those experiences.


James wrote:

With Tokyo’s game convention coming up, there’ll be many U.S licensor branch on hand. And if you could see any japanese-related game head overseas. Which would you want to see in U.S/Europe? For me — – Xenoblade & The Last Story


David wrote:

Metal Max 3.


Ishaan wrote:

TLS and Xenoblade are Nintendo games, so the chances of anyone else bringing those over are close to zero. Also, Nintendo don’t usually attend TGS, so I doubt you’ll hear of them at the event. I’m sure both games will make it over eventually though.


Personally, I’d still like to see a localization announcement for Last Bullet, but that’ll never happen. Also, I’m not sure TGS is the event for localization announcements…although, it would make sense for the more niche games.


So, what localization announcements would you like out of Tokyo Game Show, if any were to be made?

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