PlayStation 3

Fairy Fencer F Has An Everlasting Dungeon That You Can Influence


Compile Heart’s upcoming RPG Fairy Fencer F—which has that one bear with Excalibur stuck in his head—has its own everlasting dungeon of sorts.


It’s the Tower of Syukesu, which will gradually grow taller and taller depending on the Resonance Effect players are having on the world through Furies. Furies can alter the basic rules of the entire game world, such as banning all magic or doubling experience points, which could make for some smart strategizing to maximize your party’s strengths while greatly nullifying foes.



Clearing each floor of the tower nets players items and cash—with higher floors naturally giving better rewards. After beating the game once, the tower will also unlock new foes. What’s neat though is that these sorts of gauntlet-style dungeon runs can become frustrating when players accidentally run into a sudden damage spike (And with Fairy Fencer F’s world-adjustment, that’s entirely likely. What happens if you null all magic and meet a boss who can ONLY be killed with magic?), so Compile Heart is letting players escape safely whenever they want.


If they do somehow get poor Pippin and pals smushed into the ground, it ain’t game over even then. It might even be that this will be part of the allure of higher levels of the tower, which might turn the game into a slightly puzzle-esque situation of “What do I alter in the game world to beat these guys?”


Fairy Fencer F will be out for PlayStation 3 on October 10th in Japan.