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Fairy Fencer F Ships 100,000 Copies For Launch



Compile Heart’s RPG Fairy Fencer F will be available on October 10th in Japan, and retail shop blog Sinobi, a solid bellweather for games in Japan, reports that the game has already gotten a fair number of pre-orders.


Some 50,000 copies for the game’s limited edition have been moved already, said the blog, after strong pre-order sales, which Sinobi attributes partly to the game being a new IP. That has apparently entirely sold out Compile Heart’s entire stock of limited editions.


Similarly, another 50,000 copies of the normal edition have also been reported by Sinobi to be shipped, bringing the total to 100,000 copies of the game shipped for launch. It should be interesting to see how Fairy Fencer F sells at launch, considering that it does look a little more ambitious than Compile Heart’s previous efforts.