PlayStation 3

Fairy Fencer F Will Be Bursting With Cinematic Special Attacks


We recently showed new screenshots for Fairy Fencer F, courtesy of Compile Heart, which revealed a new Fencer named Harler, a mad scientist who appears to dress sloppily and yet still attractive. The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation gives us a peek at the game’s battle system.


Enemies will have HP bars above their heads. This will help you decide on whether you should take on enemies one at a time or try to go for multiple kills at once.


The Tension Gauge can be seen as a purple half-circle bar around the character icon to the right of the screen. The character’s Tension will be affected by actions such as defeating enemies or taking damage. When the gauge is higher, the character’s attack increases. When it is lower, their defense becomes lower.


On the lower-right part of the screen, is a command wheel. There are several basic commands such as Skill, Item, Switch, Fight, and Defend. However, there are two mystery commands called “Serious” and “Fairize”, which Compile Heart will be revealing in the near future.


In addition to the basic battle commands, Dengeki PlayStation also reports that each character will have their own highly destructive special attacks that will often be able to take out enemies in one blow. These special attacks will have their own cinematic scenes without any icons or indicators getting in the way of all the flashy explosions and effects.


Fairy Fencer F is slated for release on September 19 for PlayStation 3.


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