Fairy Tail RPG Details Story Volume, Character Episodes, Bonding, And Guild Features

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Gust is working on a new RPG for Fairy Tail for PS4, Switch, and PC, and we got a few more details in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation on what else the game offers. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


Here are some highlights:

  • The game offers about 30 hours of gameplay volume if you only do the main story.


  • There are episodes for each character as well as a bunch of special requests so there’s plenty more to do outside of the main story.


  • There are episodes being made to show more of the relationships and requests for characters that didn’t get much of the spotlight in the anime.


  • As for playable characters, there will be over 10.


  • Costume changes will be available


  • As for DLC, the developers are currently in the consideration stage.


  • By increasing guild Rank you’ll improve on cooperative magic and gain access to Legendary Class Magic that is basically like a super magic.


  • You can spread the good name of your guild by taking on requests of the townsfolk.


  • The bond between characters increases when you put them together in a party to take on requests.


  • The battles are command-based. As for when, who, what magic, and who can use it, please look forward to it.


  • As for the support characters, they’ll help out with their own super magic like we saw from Makarov.


  • There are also characters that are there to support you through the shop and other functions from within the guild


Fairy Tail releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2020. Check our previous report for a closer look at the main characters, magic battles, and guild features that were shown off at TGS 2019.

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