Fairytale Characters Become Mafia Bosses In Release Of Otome VN Ozmafia!!



In the English version of otome visual novel Ozmafia!!, available now on Steam and MangaGamer, fairytale and book characters have become human and joined various Mafia families and outlaw bands, with characters like the Lion from The Wizard of Oz leading their crime syndicates into war on each other. It’s a dangerous place to be a girl with her memories, and yet Fuka must find who to trust, and maybe who to love, while she’s here.




There are many rival factions in Ozmafia!! that Fuka must navigate with her decisions. The Lion runs the Oz family alongside the Scarecrow and Tin Woodsman, while versions of Puss in Boots and Red Riding Hood are also part of rival families. Many more characters await, with potential romances and friendships possible along Fuka’s path through the game.




Fuka’s decisions can lead to over twenty different endings. It’s just up to the player to decide who she aligns herself with and grows closer to in this fairytale gang war.

Alistair Wong
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