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Fall Guys Season 2 Battle Pass and New Stages Revealed

A new season has begun in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. That means all sorts of new content and features. For example, there’s a Show Selector option that helps you pin down the challenges you’ll face. Four new rounds have entered the lineup of stages. And, as a motivator, the Fall Guys Season 2 Battle Pass debuted.

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First, the four new Medieval Rounds give people different Fall Guys Season 2 maps to deal with. Egg Siege seems to involve taking eggs again. Hoopsie Legends is another team-based game where you have to leap through hoops. Knight Fever is a medieval-themed gauntlet level. Finally, Wall Guys involves scaling walls.

With the Fall Guys Show Selector, you can better pin down what you might do. Three options were highlighted in the official trailer. One is the Main Show, which offers every Round. Gauntlet Showdown only consists of the obstacle course Fall Guys maps. Finally, Slime Survivors seems to involve maps where you have to outrun or avoid slime.

Finally, here’s the full list of Fall Guys Season 2 Battle Pass items and when they unlock. The game says we have 59 days to earn them, which means people would have quite a bit to do before December 6, 2020.

  • Level 2: Romantic Color
  • Level 3: 1 Crown
  • Level 4: Pantaloons Pattern
  • Level 5: Slime Nameplate
  • Level 6: Orc Costume (bottom)
  • Level 7: Amethyst Color
  • Level 8: 1 Crown
  • Level 9: Floral Pattern
  • Level 10: Orc Costume (top)
  • Level 11: 1 Crown
  • Level 12: Molten Color
  • Level 13: Dragonfire Nameplate
  • Level 14: Knight to Remember Nickname
  • Level 15: 2 Crowns
  • Level 16: Jester Costume (bottom)
  • Level 17: Salute Emote
  • Level 18: Strained Faceplate
  • Level 19: Medieval Madness Pattern
  • Level 20: Heraldic Color
  • Level 21: 3 Crowns
  • Level 22: Jester Costume (top)
  • Level 23: 1,500 Kudos
  • Level 24: Foolish Color
  • Level 25: Cross Check Pattern
  • Level 26: 3 Crowns
  • Level 27: Bronze Color
  • Level 28: Elder Dwarf Costume (bottom)
  • Level 29: Famous Nameplate
  • Level 30: Court Jester Pattern
  • Level 31: 5 Crowns
  • Level 32: Bow Emote
  • Level 33: Valorous Color
  • Level 34: Menace Faceplate
  • Level 35: Knight Pattern
  • Level 36: 5 Crowns
  • Level 37: Elder Dwarf Costume (top)
  • Level 38: Sir Hugs a Lot Nickname
  • Level 39: Fleur-de-Lis Pattern
  • Level 40: Magician Celebration

Fall Guys Season 2 Battle Pass 2

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Its Season 2 Battle Pass is now available for the next 59 days until December 6, 2020.

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