Famicom Strategy Title Desert Fox Gets Fan Translated Into English


desert fox 1

Kemco might be known for their published “poverty” RPGs nowadays, but back in 1989 they released a game titled Desert Fox (Sabaku no Kitsune) for the NES. Fan translation group Stardust Crusaders has helped bring the original Japanese game into English, but unlike other fan translations we’ve brought up before, this one was actually released overseas.


The big difference between Desert Fox and Desert Commander, the official title of the game in North America, is its historical background setting. The original is themed after the North African theatre of World War II, and directly names the factions you can play as after Generals George S. Patton and Bernard Montgomery, and Erwin Rommel. These direct references were erased during the localization.

Gameplay-wise, the game is a grid-based strategy title with various scenarios to beat and complete, and you have nine different types of units (and a headquarters) to mobilize and defeat enemies. When you destroy the enemy headquarters, you win the map.


Check out more screenshots below:

desert fox 2 desert fox 3

desert fox 4 desert fox 5

You can find the fan translation patch here.


Desert Fox originally released on the Famicom.

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