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Fan Love Infuses All Aspects Of Snow Horse Hands-On At PAX East



Snow Horse, the horse snowboarding game, has come far from its origins as a joke tweet from Christopher Figueroa, director of Kinifi Games, and a big reason for that is the creativity of the game’s fans.




The game’s mock box art, for example, was created by a fan who loved the game’s silly concept. Many of the game’s selectable boards and the 200 various hats you can equip in the Steam version (although there will only be 30 on the mobile version) were also creations that came from the game’s fans that Figueroa happily put into the game. Even a set of promotional pins were designed by another fan.




In the game, players can choose from several colorful boards, one of the many, many hats (most of which are unlocked by points you score as you play), and the color of trail you want your horse to leave as it slides down the slope. Then, it’s off to one of the game’s many hills to slide down a track.




The horse automatically slides down the hill in the hands-on with the PC version, with the horse’s flips and twists all controlled using the d-pad on a controller. Play came down to gauging just how many movements the player could successfully pull off in the air. Twists were relatively safe, as they kept the horse level while going downhill, but gave few points.




By hitting a button, the horse would no longer remain locked in a balanced position, letting the player use the directional inputs to make the horse flip and spin, gaining far more points. If the horse wasn’t level on its feet by the time it hit the ground, it would stumble into the snow and end your run down the hill. Players would need to carefully orient the horse if they wished to score high.




With various hills and unlockables, there would be lots of content for the game’s creative fans to strive toward, as well as the high risk play of doing flips to gain large amounts of points. Snow Horse is projected to potentially release in May of this year.

Alistair Wong
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