Fate/Extra Record Trailer Shows Off Noble Phantasms

Fate Extra Record

Type-Moon Studio BB delivered a new trailer for Fate/Extra Record, a remake of 2010’s Fate/Extra. The new video is the first trailer and update on the state of the game since late 2020. It shows off some more of the graphical updates the game’s received in the interim. There are also clips from different Servants’ Noble Phantasms and from in-game story sequences.

Check out the trailer below.

The 2022 Fate/Extra Record trailer features narration from the character Twice H. Pieceman, as well as from Saber, Rin, Julius, and Rider. Other characters from the game like Taiga, Leo, Rani, and Shinji make their first updated appearances here, too. Environments and exploration gameplay is shown, as are cutscenes of Servant fights with Dan Blackmore’s Archer and Lancer. It ends on shots of Rider’s Noble Phantasm, and on Saber summoning her Aestus Domus Aurea.

Fate/Extra first debuted in 2010 on the PSP. A spin-off of Fate/Stay Night, it told an original story of the “Moon Holy Grail War”, between Masters summoned to a virtual environment managed by the Moon Cell, a supercomputer powerful enough to alter reality. It received a Japan-exclusive sequel, Fate/Extra CCC, and later was adapted into action games Fate/Extella and Fate/Extella Link. Fate/Extra introduced a number of Servants that would later become mainstay characters in the wider Fate franchise, particularly the stories of Fate/Grand Order. Servants Nero Claudius, Francis Drake, Tamamo-no-Mae, Sessyoin Kiara, Robin Hood, and more popular Servants are all rooted in Fate/Extra or its related media.

Despite the appearance of a new trailer, Fate/Extra Record does not yet have a release window or confirmed international release plans. It was first announced in July 2020, alongside an in-progress video of gameplay. In December 2020, Type-Moon Studio BB debuted another trailer focusing on Caster.

Fate/Extra Record is in development. It does not have target platforms or a release window specified as of this time.

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