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Fate/Extra Record Trailer Takes Time With Tamamo

Fate/Extra Record

Rejoice, fans of fox wives! It’s Tamamo time. The latest trailer for Fate/Extra Record, the remake of the original PSP-based Fate RPG, spends all its time in the loving presence of Tamamo-no-Mae, the fan favorite Caster-class heroine of the Lunar Holy Grail War. Released on New Year’s Eve by Type-MOON Studio BB, the new trailer is just a brief snippet of gameplay featuring Tamamo and Hakuno Kishinami (the default name of the Fate/Extra player character) moving around the dungeon. The trailer also shows off Tamamo-no-Mae’s Noble Phantasm, Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu, in action.

Designed by Arco Wada and voiced by Chiwa Saito, Tamamo-no-Mae is an original Caster-class Servant created for Fate/Extra. She was one of three playable Servants chosen by the player at the start of the story, the other two being Archer (as seen in Fate/Stay Night) and the Saber-class Nero. Tamamo-no-Mae is based on a legendary figure from stories written during Japan’s 12th-century Muromachi period. Collected as otogizoshi (prose narratives), the stories of Tamamo-no-Mae cast her as a mischievous Nine-Tailed Fox spirit, wreaking havoc across ancient China and India by possessing or impersonating beautiful princesses and concubines. Tamamo entered Japan as a courtesan for Emperor Toba.

Since Fate/Extra and its sequel Fate/Extra CCC, Tamamo-no-Mae has made appearances across the Fate multiverse. She played major roles in the Fate/Extella spin-offs, and rose to prominence as a premier Arts-element support Servant in Fate/Grand Order. FGO also expanded on her backstory by adding some of her alternate selves, like the Berserker-class Tamamo Cat (a fox cosplaying as a catgirl maid), and the diabolical Tamamo Vitch, an antagonist in FGO‘s ongoing Cosmos in the Lostbelt campaign.

Fate/Extra Record is currently in development, but its release date and target platforms are unspecified. More details about the gameplay and planned systems are available in our previous report. The original Fate/Extra is immediately available on PSP and is compatible with PS Vita. Its combat-based spin-offs Fate/Extella and Fate/Extella Link are also available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Fate/Extra: Last Encore is streaming on Netflix and serves as a coda of sorts to Fate/Extra, but Tamamo is almost absent from the show.

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