Fate/Grand Order Akihabara Explosion Event Allies You With Galatea

fate grand order galatea

Galatea has joined Chaldea in Fate/Grand Order’s newest event, Akihabara Explosion. She is a new SSR Berserker available on the event banner until April 7, 2021 JST. She will be added to the story banner after. Alongside Galatea on the Akihabara Explosion banner are Nero Bride and Osakabehime.

Galatea’s character designer is Fumikane Shimada. Her “mecha musume” appearance, which characters comment on in the Akihabara Explosion story, matches Shimada’s character design style. His work can be seen in Kantai Collection, Strike Witches, and Girls und Panzer. Rie Suegara voices Galatea. Suegara also voiced USS Colorado in Azur Lane and Endorsi Jahad in Tower of God. In Greek mythology, Galatea was an ivory statue carved by King Pygmalion of Cyprus. After King Pygmalion fell in love with it, Aphrodite brought the statue to life.

Galatea’s kit in Fate/Grand Order

Galatea is a Berserker with a skill-set that can support herself and others. She is also a great offensive Servant thanks to her single-target Arts Noble Phantasm. Her skills are:

  • Pygmalion’s Love EX
    – Increases own Arts Card effectiveness (3 turns).
    – Increases own Buster Card effectiveness (3 turns).
    – Increases own Buff Removal Resist (1 time, 3 turns).
    – Increases own NP gauge by 20%.
  • Sculpted Maiden A
    – Apply Guts to self (1 time, 3 turns; stackable).
    – Increase own DEF (2 times, 3 turns).
  • Aphrodite’s Boon EX
    – Applies a self-buff that restores all allies’ HP every turn and removes status debuffs (3 turns).

Her Noble Phantasm, Pygmalion Chisel Out: The Chisel That Carves The King’s Ideal, is a single target Arts Noble Phantasm that also decreases the enemy’s charge by 1.

Akihabara Explosion

The Akihabara Explosion event also features Nero, Erice, and Osakabehime traveling to a Singularity set in Akihabara. There, they meet an imposter Nero, who is actually Nero’s statue given life by a mysterious sculptor. Galatea joins the party in order to find said sculptor, believing that their identity is King Pygmalion.

Akihabara Explosion plays similarly to the Amazoness Dot Com CEO Crisis 2020 event, in which players must use their own Servants to clear quests and ascend the tower. No support Servant can be brought in. Each quest only costs 1 AP but Servants tire out, requiring six hours to recover. Incidentally, this unique 1 AP event style is similar to the Ooku event that the North American version of Fate/Grand Order is running.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices. Galatea currently has a rate-up in the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order and will be added into the story banner after Akihabara Explosion ends.

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