Fate/Grand Order Ooku Event Adds Kama to a Maze Run

Fate Grand Order Ooku

A new event kicked off in Fate/Grand Order, and it features a few familiar faces. Titled Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth, Ooku, the event comes right on the heels of the rerun of the Fate/Extra CCC crossover event. It involves none other than Kiara Sessyoin, a major player in the SE.RA.PH event. Ooku also adds yet another playable Servant sharing the face and physique of Fate/Stay Night heroine Sakura Matou.

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Check out a trailer for the Fate/Grand Order Ooku event from its original Japanese run in 2019:

This time around, the Masters of Chaldea are Rayshifted to the mid-seventeenth century Japan, deep into Edo castle itself. There, the Ooku — a name meaning “great interior” and used to denote the women’s quarters of a lord’s palace — has been turned into a sinister labyrinth. Fate/Grand Order players must solve the mystery behind this transformation and brave the endless corridors in search of the exit.

The Fate/Grand Order Ooku event adds a new Servant via its premium summoning gacha: Kama. Kama is based on the Hindu deity of love and desire. She is a 5-Star Assassin, and her powerful Quick-element Noble Phantasm can charm an enemy temporarily, making her particularly useful in tough challenge-style content. She joins the Lancer Parvati, the Alter Egos Passionlip, Kingprotea, and Meltryllis, and BB as the sixth Servant to inhabit or be inspired by the persona of Fate/ ‘s Sakura Matou. Kama is also the first Fate/Grand Order Servant to fully change the appearance of her Noble Phantasm animation depending on her ascension level, adding some cosmetic value for players who acquire her.

Masters with deep rosters of Japanese Servants will also have an advantage in Ooku, as in addition to story-specific Servants like Mata Hari, the Caster of the Nightless City, and Parvati, the game will award damage bonuses to Japanese Servants. These include Beni-Enma from the New Year’s event, Murasaki Shikibu from the Valentine’s Event, and fan favorites like Okita Souji, Katsushika Hokusai, and Ushiwakamaru (who had a star turn in the Babylonia anime adaptation).

The Fate/Grand Order Ooku event will last until April 5, 2021. Newer players will need to complete the game’s “Part 1” campaign and the third Lostbelt SIN in order to participate. The game is immediately available on iOS and Android devices.

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