The Fate/Grand Order Collaboration Event With Fate/Extra CCC Returns

Fate Grand Order

It’s time again for Fate fans’ favorite Sakura-faced Servant to take the reins, because Fate/Grand Order is bringing back its Fate/Extra CCC collaboration event. Titled Abyssal Cyber Paradise, SE.RA.PH – Second Ballet, the event was first run in 2018. This rerun is ongoing until March 7, 2021. It will give Chaldea’s Masters another chance to experience the event that introduced the FGO timeline to the Fate/Extra franchise. For many English-speaking Fate fans, this event is their first sanctioned contact with Fate/Extra‘s sequel, Fate/Extra CCC.

The event’s story takes place in the aftermath of the resolution to Fate/Grand Order‘s “Part 1” campaign. Seraphix, a division of the Chaldea Security Organization based on an offshore oil rig, has been magically converted into a recreation of Fate/Extra‘s Moon Holy Grail War, and characters from Fate/Extra and CCC have taken over. Masters are tasked with investigating what went wrong and resolving the crisis before the singularity can grow to engulf the world once more.

Here’s a trailer for the event:

Structurally, the event is identical to the original 2018 run. However, its rewards and payouts have been rebalanced to suit a more relaxed pace. Masters still recovering from the farming they did for the Valentine’s Day event should be able to kick back a bit. Newer Masters can look forward to meeting and acquiring a free 4-Star Servant: BB. The playful AI patterned after Fate/Stay Night alumnus Sakura Matou is the game’s first MoonCancer-class Servant, and is a powerful single-target Arts-element fighter. In the English edition, only MoonCancers exist: BB, and Summer BB. They’re also the only class with full advantage over Avenger-type foes, gaining double damage and taking half damage from any Avengers they face. This event rerun is the last chance to grab a free MoonCancer.

Fate/Grand Order Masters with some Saint Quartz in their reserves can also look forward to new chances to acquire some strong Alter Ego-class Servants. Meltryllis and Passionlip join the roster from Fate/Extra CCC, alongside the Saber-class Suzuka Gozen and Archer-class Emiya (Alter). Those looking for some truly sizeable additions to the Servant list should hold back on spending Quartz. Fans with knowledge of the Japanese edition of FGO predict a surprise second banner coming in the latter half of the rerun.

Fate/Grand Order is immediately available on iOS and Android. Fate/Extra is available on PSP and PS Vita, and an enhanced remake is due for PS4.

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