Fate/Grand Order Gets A Taste Of Japan-Only Fate/Extra CCC In English With Collab Event



The PSP RPG Fate/Extra CCC never released in the West but we’ll be getting a taste of it through Fate/Grand Order when its collaboration event launches later this month and pre-release campaign later today.


Here’s a new trailer for the Fate/Grand Order

“Spring break means it’s time for a trip! It’s a little early, but how about a beach event, foolish humans?”

The sudden arrival of the demonic digital brain BB throws Chaldea into a chaotic spring vacation. A sweet, heated catfight ensues.

Fragile, pure, and sexy…


About CCC

An RPG released for the PlayStation Portable system in March of 2013 in Japan.



The Holy Grail War fought in the digital world should have ended, as the rightful owner of the Holy Grail had been decided.

However, a fatal error in the quantum computer has resulted i the complete collapse of the Holy Grail War system.

As such, all participants, including the protagonist, are now trapped on the Far Side of the Moon.

The girl named Sakura holds the key to this mystery. the bell tolls as a new battle is about to begin in the rewritten world.


Here’s the event-limited Servant, 4★ BB:



The event story is written by Fate/Extra CCC creator Kinoko Nasu.



The main event is expected to start on April 23, but there will be a pre-release campaign starting today, April 9, at 9:00pm PDT. Through May 7, players will to play the Main Quest at half the AP cost up to the Final Singularity. Nero Claudius (Bride) will see an update in battle sprite and Noble Phantasm, and she’ll also get a new interlude to go with it. Furthermore, all Servants related to Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC will get half AP off for Interludes and Rank Up Quests.


Fate/Grand Order is available for iOS and Android.

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