Fate/Grand Order New Year’s Event Previewed

Fate Grand Order Amazones

Late January is typically when people stop thinking of it as the “new year,” but Aniplex is counting on Fate/Grand Order players to cut things a little close. The game’s 2022 New Year’s event will kick off in the third week of January, following a pre-release campaign scheduled to begin on January 13, 2022. The event’s title is Fate/Grand Order – Save! CEO Crisis 2022.

The unusual naming is a reference to running joke in the game that casts the Amazon queen Penthesilea as the Chief Executive Officer of, the Servantverse’s biggest ecommerce site. The Servantverse is the sci-fi-themed alternate dimension that houses characters like Mysterious Heroine X, Space Ishtar, and the Saber Wars events. Now is on the verge of bankruptcy for some reason, and the players of Fate/Grand Order will need to step in to keep a too-big-to-fail company from failing.

The event itself is structured similarly to Setsubun: The Oni Pagoda Festival, the 2020 New Year event. But rather than climbing a hundred-floor pagoda, Fate/Grand Order masters will be fulfilling orders in an fulfillment center. They’ll use their Servants to clear quests and gather currency. Like Setsubun, though, using a Servant on a quest triggers a cooldown period in which the Servant can’t be used again. Thus, players with a broad roster of well-developed characters will have an advantage in quickly tackling challenges.

The event will also run a premium Summoning banner. Though no new Servants will be featured on it, previously limited characters like Osakabehime and Cleopatra will have increased drop rates.

The Fate/Grand Order pre-release campaign is also oriented towards helping players prepare their parties. From January 13-22, 2022, players will have unlimited access to Ember Gathering and Training Ground daily quests. These quests drop EXP cards and Ascension materials needed to enhance a player’s Servants.

Fate/Grand Order is immediately available on iOS and Android. The New Year’s event should begin close to January 22, 2022, the conclusion of the pre-release campaign.

Josh Tolentino
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