FGO Imaginary Scramble Event Surfaces

FGO Imaginary Scramble

The latest FGO Chaldea Broadcasting Station stream for the English edition of Fate/Grand Order previewed the game’s next event: Great Void Sea Battle, Imaginary Scramble – To the Surface, Nautilus! The preview comes immediately ahead of the event’s actual launch. Fate/Grand Order Imaginary Scramble goes live on October 27, 2022 and runs through November 9, 2022.

Unlike the Halloween-themed event that usually takes place around this time in Fate/Grand Order, Imaginary Scramble is closely tied to the main story campaign. In fact, it takes place right inside the timeline, between the conclusion of Lostbelt No. 4: Yugakshetra and the beginning of Lostbelt No. 5: Atlantis. As such, the event will contain plot-specific references to the first four Lostbelt chapters. That said, players who don’t mind spoilers will be able to participate even if they’ve only completed Lostbelt No. 1: Anastasia.

Story-wise, the FGO Imaginary Scramble event occurs while the members of Chaldea are testing their modifications to the Nautilus, the vehicle they intend to use to infiltrate the seaborne Atlantic Lostbelt. Based on the legendary submarine of Captain Nemo, the Nautilus “runs aground” on a mysterious object in uncharted waters. While attempting to escape, the crew encounters a castaway, “adrift on the sea of Imaginary Numbers”.

Check out a trailer for the FGO Imaginary Scramble event below.

During the FGO Imaginary Scramble event, players will control the Nautilus, attempting to navigate the ship through uncharted waters. They’ll uncover the map by launching Servants like Osakabehime as “sonar” probes to conduct surveys. They’ll unlock new quests, optional battles, and treasure in their explorations. Players will also be able to call on “backup” from certain Servants to apply special buffs during battle. As customary for events, players can earn special Craft Essences, Command Codes, and other goodies for their trouble. Certain Servants will also have bonuses to their attack strength and Bond Point gain. These include Summer Servants like Mysterious Alter Ego Lambda (aka Summer Meltryllis), Summer Raikou, and Summer Scathach. Foreigner-class Servants like Yang Guifei and Hokusai also gain bonuses.

With a new event come new playable FGO Servants. The gacha Summoning banner will add two 5-Star Servants: The Foreigner-class Van Gogh, and the Rider-class Nemo. Van Gogh is based on the famed artist Vincent van Gogh, and has a support-oriented Noble Phantasm that stuns enemies with fear and increases the attack and critical strength of the whole party. Van Gogh is a limited-rarity Servant, and will not be available when not on the banner after the event. Nemo is a 5-Star Rider-class Servant with a Noble Phantasm that rams a single enemy and does additional damage if the enemy is classified as “Super Giant”, or if the battlefield is near water or Void Space. Nemo will be available from the Story Summon banner after the FGO Imaginary Scramble event ends.

Check out the two new FGO Servants’ Noble Phantasm animations below.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. The FGO Imaginary Scramble event runs from October 27, 2022 through November 9, 2022.

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